Thank you for your interest in Uwharrie Youth Sportsmen!  As a 501 (c)(3), we operate fully on the donations and the support of folks just like you.  100% of money donated will be used to fund our youth shooting programs!

There are several ways you can support Uwharrie Youth Sportsmen in our endeavor to ensure the next generation has the same opportunity that we have had in the enjoyment of hunting and shooting sports!


Get involved!

Our most precious commodity is time.  We all have a limited amount of time and there is no better way to show others that you truly care about them or what they are doing than by giving your time!  Currently, our programs are year round and these programs require a lot of volunteers.  If you would like to invest some of your precious time in one of our programs, please click the Contact Me button and tell us how you would like to help.

Donate Equipment

Do you have some equipment or supplies that you think would be useful in our journey to educate and equip the youth in and around our communities?  Since we are engaged with many different facets of shooting activities, including hunting and wildlife, we are always in the need of supplies and equipment.  This can vary from firearms and ammunition to tents!  If you would like to donate some items, please click on the Donate Items button.

Donate Money!

Money is the stuff that makes the world go round and acquiring firearms, ammo, targets, trailers, tents, first-aid kits, etc. take a lot of money.  Last year alone UYS spent over $14,000 and this will continue to increase as we enrich our current programs and add new ones.  This is an awesome opportunity to show that you support the educating and equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge of firearms and how to safely and purposely use them!