Hunter Education

Hunter education is not only key to becoming a responsible and ethical hunter, it is required in 48 states.  This is the starting point in most sportsmen's journey to hunting and shooting sports.  Although you will spend a lifetime honing in your hunting and safety skill-set, most likely it will start in a Hunter Education program.

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Basic Firearm

Understanding the basic firearm types and how to operate each type is critical in maintaining and safely handling firearms.  We truly believe that knowledge is the key to safety and the fundamentals are always foundational.

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Tactical Shooting

You think practical, we think tactical!  In the recent years tactical sporting sports such as 3 Gun have grown in popularity.  This is a fun and exciting way to build your shooting skill-set and keep your safety fundamentals sharpened.

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Our Mission

The mission of Uwharrie Youth Sportsmen is to teach the Hunter Education program and to promote the safe handling of hunting and shooting equipment in a fun and team oriented environment.  We strive to teach our youth the responsible use of firearms and archery equipment, while incorporating sound decision making skills and self-discipline.  Uwharrie Youth Sportsmen believes in adhering to the highest standards of safety, ethical behavior, and sportsmanship.

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Our Focus

Uwharrie Youth Sportsmen is focused on cultivating purposeful and safe firearm handling in our youth.  That is our focus!  We see the rhetoric and the focus of negativity in our culture on the subject of firearms and the handling of, that we cannot stand idly by and do nothing.  So we have decided to focus our time and attention on the hunters and sportsmen of tomorrow.  We cannot meet this need without support from our local community and from the corporate community.


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